The Influence Of Zoos

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The zoo originated in ancient Rome and the rulers to collect around the exotic animals kept in the palace to enjoy, to highlight the wealth and status, then, the king of Egypt Ptolemy who built the first city planning of the zoo, with the progress of human civilization, in 1874 the Oxford English dictionary will be officially "Zoo" (Zoo) included in the lexicon. According to the World Zoo Association, more than 600 million people visit the zoo in the world every year. One of the ten people on earth will visit the zoo in a year. People can see wild animals with their own eyes, and directly feel their charm and majesty. People visit the zoo, share good outdoor leisure time with their family and friends, and everyone will receive science in the process of visiting. Zoos not only provide a good living environment for animals, but also provide medical help to animals in time. So people think that modern zoos are good for animals. However, …show more content…
Firstly, people have no right to confine animals. “The problem with zoos” (2016) believes that zoos are morally questionable because animals are in a cramped, boring enclosure and suffer physical and mental pain. The article also gives an example that some zoos only offer bears a place which is estimated one millionth of their range in the wild. Lin (2017) writes that people do not have the right to confine other animals, even if they are raring animals. She also believes that animals which are confined usually suffer from some mental sickness such as anxiety, loneliness. In addition, Hansen (2005) writes that it is wrong to keep animals in captivity for entertainment. He gives an example that an Indian elephant at the zoo for 30 years was sold to a zoo in Ontario for circus-type showed and finally it died because of a congenital heart defect. Worland (2017) mentions that animals which are confined have same mental-health ailments suffered by

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