Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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Marijuana: Good for Citizens, Bad for Regulation
Marijuana is the least harmful, intoxicating drug available in modern society. We should not allow regulations to infringe upon our rights and privacy to grow for personal use. We do not make parents get a license to have or brew small batches of alcohol in the house. So, why then, should we regulate and persecute small batches of marijuana used and grown inside the home? The drug has been approved for aid in various medicinal and mental health treatments, both at the federal and state levels.
Citizens who oppose marijuana argue against adding one more legal controlled substance to the list. They argue it is bad for American schoolchildren, that it is a “gateway drug” or causes learning disabilities.
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Regulation of the drug should be much like the regulation of alcohol in that there are two separate distinctions. Licensed manufacturers grow for sale and distribution, and small unregulated batches grown and used inside the home.
In many cases medical marijuana is more beneficial than other medical treatments. For many kids under age ten suffering grand mal seizures it is hard to walk, talk, and even eat, marijuana has been proven to reduce those grand mal seizures. In the case of the federal government what is okay for soldiers coming back with PTSD, is marijuana. In the case of PTSD marijuana acts better than anti-depressants which often lead to thoughts of and attempted suicide.
Studies show that the “gateway drug” phenomenon is just a scare tactic. Mitch Earleywine, a professor and a Ph.D. in psychology states in article from Addiction, 2004 that “Even if every heroin addict used marijuana first, that fact alone would not prove that marijuana caused heroin addiction. They all ate bread before their heroin addiction, but nobody has called bread the gateway drug.” This information is very compelling and may lead one to think, “What other facts may have been over
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THC being the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (the high) and CBD being the healing agent in these types of cases. Her parents were terrified to give baby charlotte the drug but within the first hour there were no seizures, they waited, another hour, no seizures. Charlotte who had suffered from these seizure for now 4 years went seizure free for a whole week. At age 6 Charlotte now thrives and can walk, talk, and eat all on her own. She has only two to three seizure a month now and all while she is asleep. (Summarized from Saundra Young, Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures, CNN,

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