The Importance Of Hazing In College Culture

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Over the past 15 years hazing has altered the college culture. Hazing has become a prevalent topic that is a major debate among college and universities. Each year that there isn’t an action taken against it, the amounts of deaths that come from it rise. Hazing is the act of torturing, forcing people against their wills, and humiliating them until they feel unworthy, or until they get very hurt. There have been a multitude of awful incidents that arose in different fraternities, as well as in other clubs and activities that colleges offer across the country. Many debates have risen on what to do to help prevent hazing, and the truth is you can’t. Colleges have suspended their fraternities for years, kicked students out, and gave lectures, which …show more content…
There are several steps that would be effective to take against hazing. One big step we can do is getting the word out. Getting the word out to parents, friends, and younger students that are planning on attending college will be the most effective start to ending this. If more people are informed on the awful, dangerous stories of hazing done to college students, there might be a way to get current or incoming students to help prevent anything bad happening. If parents knew what their kids have to go through, they would without a doubt put an end to it. Involving families and friends can give more of a voice to this issue. Another way to help this would be to give more education to the younger generations in high school going into college. High school is home to a big part of the hazing culture, so that might be the best place to start. If there are steps to inform students of how dangerous it can be, and to make sure it doesn’t start there, then college will be a lot safer for these kids. Many of them have no idea what is waiting for them when they join a sports team or fraternity, but with education they will. Although it is important to do anything to end this awful college craze, it is important to do more than just kick students, clubs and fraternities off campus. As easy of a way out that can be, it will not solve anything. College students will find any way and anywhere to do what they want to, so it will not prevent it but make it easier for them to harm younger students. The best way to put a stop to this is to educate and inform, and it needs to start at lower levels before it becomes too

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