Patriots Argumentative Analysis

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During the 2014 AFC Championship game, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were involved in an allegation in which the team tampered footballs, making them deflated so it was easier to throw the football for the quarterback. The Indianapolis Colts were suspicious of this act, as their quarterback Andrew Luck tried to throw the ball as normal but failed to do so. This controversy, known as Deflategate, sparked tension between the NFL Association, teams, and players, wanting punishment for the current Super Bowl champions. Fans of the Patriots saw it different than others, thinking that the NFL Association is singling out the Patriots, wanting other teams to be on the top of the standings for football. The official rules of the NFL require the football to be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds. Under-inflating a football can help a quarterback …show more content…
In the article, Bishop describes how the scandal has led to be, but continues towards the end defending on how well Tom Brady can play during a game. “They won with footballs properly inflated, as we were reminded again and again by TV cameras displaying the well-protected game balls” (Bishop). He turns from defending both sides of the scandal to praise the work of Tom Brady, going against all of what critics said during the scandal. This fallacy goes against how the article was conveyed, as an article pertaining to the situation of Deflategate and not what the author’s opinion is about the situation. The sides have been argued about, but Bishop changes the view of the topic to an opinion he has, viewing Tom Brady as an exceptional player instead of a cheater. The article continues to explain what is happening with the scandal, but Bishop express his own biased opinions in the article, conveying to how Brady is with the entire

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