Argumentative Essay On Bullying In Schools

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1-3 students in the U.S. say that they have been bullied in school("Facts of Bullying"). This issue has affected millions across America. From teenagers to toddlers, many kids don’t want to go to school and do not feel safe in an environment where they learn, because of bullies. If these kids don’t feel secure in their own school, then something has to be done. It could be verbal or physical bullying, which should both be treated seriously. Schools in the U.S., including Duxbury Public Schools, do not do enough to combat bullying due to failed punishments, data that shows bullying is still a serious problem, and educators of schools who do not handle these situations well. Most schools resort to methods like suspension and expulsion for more …show more content…
A certain amount of these educators do not even believe that bullying is an issue. According to this,”It doesn’t help that studies show that 25% of teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time”(Gleiber). If educators feel this way, then bullying can only get worse. Not considering this nation-wide concern even to be a problem, is a problem in itself. Additionally, students do not speak to these teachers or educators about their bullying problems because of things like this. This article states,“Statistics show that students only report bullying to adults about 20% to 30% of the time, and 67% of students feel that schools have a poor response to bullying”(Gleiber). Not feeling like you are able to report something to a teacher, especially if you are being bullied, is a major obstacle for a student feeling safe in school. Some school administrators feel that “bullying is a right of passage” or that “kids need to toughen up.” Many just don’t take it seriously. Some don't want to be bothered and some are simply not trained properly in how to handle these situations.("School Responsibility"). This not an issue to be taken lightly, which is what some people have taken it as. If we want to make a change, schools must make a change as

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