Argumentative Essay On B. F. Skinner

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Many have debated over time whether or not there is more to life than what is here on earth. Some are transcendent thinkers, meaning they think there is more to the world or some kind of higher power. The other group is imminent thinkers. They, including B.F. Skinner, believe we should focus on enjoying and living this life. Our environment shapes our lives, not a higher power. There are many instances which prove B.F. Skinner’s theory to be true. It is important for us to grow up and live in a safe, loving environment in order to live a happy and successful life. B.F. Skinner’s theory of behaviorism analyzes one 's behavior then explains why one behaves in the way they do. It is a radical view compared to other theories of behaviorism. The …show more content…
Skinner writes about tells we do not have free will. Sometimes it may seems as though we do, even if we do not. All of the actions and decisions we make are because of the environment. This may be done in our unconscious. Actions, decisions, goals, and choices are not made for no reason or simply out of the blue. We are shaped to chose what we chose by the environment. The unconscious is always working and thinking for us.
This view makes sense because often times people from one area are similar to those around them. People find jobs and act similar to those around them. Studies show children who grow up in stable homes with two parents become more successful. They are more likely to stay away from gangs and drugs and are more likely to attend college. These children also more often end up getting married with a lower rate of divorce, which then shows their children the value of marriage. While this statement is true, we must recognize the privilege these children
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Skinner’s theory of behaviorism is not always ethical. It is not necessarily fair that some people are born into better situations than others. The world we be a better place if we were born with a “Blank Slate” as John Locke would say. This would give people equal opportunity. Many of the reasons equal opportunity does not exist today is because society can be systematically racist. Those with less of an opportunity are often times of minority races. Statistics show the majority race in our country, caucasian people, are more easily able to succeed based on the opportunity given to them. This is called white privilege. Many caucasian people are not aware this even exists. For this reason, it was obvious white privilege truly does

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