Argumentative Essay: Alternatives To Divorce

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The ending, "alternatives to divorce" was biased and harmful by overly encouraging the participates to stay in the marriage. Such statistics as "50%" or "40% or "more than 50%" aren 't shocking significant because a marriage is made of two people, 50% is one of two people.
“40% have regrets about going through with their divorce.” That means 60% didn’t.
“Over 50% of divorced people wish they would have tried harder to save their marriage.” So 41-49% believe they did everything they could to save their marriage.
“2/3 of people (~ 66.66%) currently getting divorced think it could have been prevented if they had worked hard. A little more than one person in the relationship thought this.
“A surprising number of people currently in the divorce process are open to reconciliation.” What number would I find
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If I am miserable in my marriage, it’s hard not to be miserable in front of my child. "Children do best when parents stay together in a 'good enough ' marriage" is an awful thing to say to a person at this stage. “A marriage doesn’t have to be highly happy for child to benefit.” But to live slightly miserable and unfilled (emotional or physical) by staying in a broken marriage to “benefit” her children is ok? And up until very recently, the 1990’s even, women would do just that! Then you show the young girl, "I never knew there was a problem. I never saw my parents fight. Now I can 't trust anything they say." My husband and I tried very hard not to argue in front of our child; not to bring her into adult conversations and problems that threaten her well-being. We are trying our best to remain friends through this (because we do have to spend the rest of our lives co-parenting together) and you take away our reassurance that when we tell our daughter "this divorce wasn 't her fault" and "we will always love her" she will believe

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