Argumentative Essay About Social Networks

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An Argumentative Essay about Social Networks and Society
Almost every adult in the United States has at least one social media profile. Social networks are large, growing, and they can be used to spread information quickly and efficiently. Even though users of social networks can communicate easier with friends and family through the online forums, the use of online medias negatively affect society. Social media use affects mental health of users, promotes bullying, and displays a glamorized view of alcohol and drug use to young adults.
To begin, one must understand social networks, and how they got their start. One’s online profile includes information about his or her self. Using a social network allows one to share information and his or
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Typing hurtful messages behind a computer screen is much less confrontational than face-to-face bullying. In addition to this, using social media as an outlet for bullying could make the effects of bullying even more detrimental. As stated by Monica Lewinsky in her speech, “Shame Sells,” “Cruelty to others is nothing new, but the shift in the power of humiliation, given the breadth of the Internet, the reach is something altogether different.” (sec. 2). One person posting a rude comment about someone could easily turn into ten people sending cruel messages about that same person. This can be another cause of the aforementioned issues in mental health, such as depression. According to “Cyberbullying,” written by Jennifer Holladay, effects of online abuse are not always the same. Some victims could have a drop in grades, while others may attempt suicide. This becomes even more disheartening once one knows that occurrences of cyberbullying are not rare; bullying through social medias has targeted at least one-third of adolescents (5). Because online bullying can be utilized so easily and widely through social media it is defective to

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