Cyber Bullying Effects

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“The Internet is dangerous and predominately negative influence in the lives of children”
Several generations ago the internet was non-existent; the internet became mainstream in 1999 (Spiegel, 1999). The internet has many benefits but there is also many dangers that predominately have a negative influence on the lives of children, such as cyber bullying, being exposed to sexual and harmful content. That’s not to say that there is no benefits to having access to the internet like online entertainment, being able to use social network sites for example Facebook, Skype and Viber to keep in contact with friends and family. The amount of information found on the internet is so vast from online shopping to online banking or even finding out facts
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Cyber bullying has many effects on children such as resulting to self-harm and further leading to suicide. Eight percent of victims being cyber bullied result to suicide (, 2014). Cyber bullying also has many other harmful effects on children and they are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, unhappiness and poor sleep, it also lowers adolescent’s self-esteem, which makes them feel less confident in themselves and alone. Cyber bullies tend to spread rumours and lies about the victim. They may also pretend to be someone else or they might bully the victim anonymously on websites such as Other forms of being bullied online can be pictures being posted online about the victim or nasty text messages. The victim may feel isolated and think that their life is not worth living and that they are now helpless. Being cyber bullied also has a long term effect on young people, in the long run they will find it difficult to make friends and they try to avoid being noticed. Cyber bullying can happen in the home which means that the victim might feel that they can’t confront their family about the …show more content…
Students who spend a lot of time on the web may begin to neglect their studies and homework which will not benefit them. Students who are supposed to be studying can become easily distracted and access their Social networking sites. It is said that children as young as ten spend up to six hours a day on the internet every day; and seventy four percent of parents don’t know the websites they are accessing (Daily mail, 2013). Spending too much time online can lead to mental health disorders, there is also short term and long term effects. The short term effects may include unfinished tasks, forgotten responsibilities and weight gain. Long term effects include a lot more physical symptoms such as back and neck pains, visual problems from staring at the screen for a long period of time. Some people under the age of eighteen would be classed as being addicted to the internet ( Children can also develop social problems and find it difficult to communicate face to face, young people are now becoming over reliant on the internet and its ability to communicate with other

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