The Cyberbullying Problem

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The internet has become an essential part of businesses and education but it has created a problem known as cyberbullying. It is a problem that is a cause for concern as it has made bullying easier. It allows communication to anyone at any time of the day or night, without having to see someone in person. This essay will firstly look at what is the internet, how it came about and what is does. Next will look at the concern of cyberbullying and who is involved. It will also explain how and why cyberbullying has become a problem and what it being done to solve the problem.

Millions of computers all over the world linked by telephone lines, satellites and cables, connect together to create an interconnected network known as the internet. The
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Bullying via digital means can be done in many different forms, such as sending hate or threatening messages with the intent to put someone in distress. Starting rumours or harassing someone is also a form of cyberbullying as is engaging in other sorts of social aggression. This is known as Cyberbullying and can also be called digital harassment. Cyberbullying can happen to any person of any age using the internet but most often occurs in school-aged children but can also occur in a work place or group. “Another study found that, unlike face-to-face bullying, cyberbullying is more likely to occur outside of school rather than during school hours” (H. Morgan, 2014). Common methods for digital bullying are emailing, texting, phone messages, forums, blog sites and using social media. Examples of social media sites are Facebook and Twitter. The internet has made cyberbullying easy as creating messages to someone is easy to do and has made it easy to distribute and spread quickly between classmates. Cyberbullying has become a concern because the victim rates of suicide, depression and anxiety have risen …show more content…
By creating a new civil enforcement regime and setting up an agency to be the first call, making access to help easier. Also, having the ability to serve cease and desist notices will provide warning to bullies that further action will be taken. The government has also proposed making it an offence to send messages and post material online that can be found offensive, indecent or knowingly false, which can be punishable for up to 3 months prison or $2,000 fine. Also it will be an offence to incite someone to commit suicide even if the person does not. This will have a punishment of up to 3 years imprisonment. Also anti-bullying campaigns will remain in place in schools. (FAQs – Cyberbullying and harmful digital communications, 2015). Within schools, there are things parents, teachers and students can do in regards to bullying. Schools can provide information to students about bullying and also provide them with an action plan if you are getting bullied. Schools can also educate teachers through awareness meetings, with outside experts training teachers on ways to handle bullying. Schools could organise a community event for parents and family members where they are allowed to ask questions. Parents are encouraged to also have an open relationship with their children and are encouraged to notify the school of bullying. Students are encouraged to use an anonymous bully reporting system. They

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