Argumentative Action: Should The Affirmative Action?

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The question that I chose to do my research paper on was “Should the “affirmative action” programs that allow race to be considered in the college application process continue or do they violate the “equal protection clause”?” This has always been a controversial topic, in fact, race has and still does play a big role in our country today. My hope is that by the end of this paper, you as the reader will be able to answer this question and make the decision for yourself.
During the Civil Rights era, life for any person that was of a different race than the white race was very difficult especially for African Americans. People that fell under this category were treated unfairly and unjust and were not given the same equal opportunities to succeed
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Kennedy issued an Executive Order on March 6, 1961 that stated that government contractors should not discriminate against hiring people based on their “race, creed, color, or national origin”. The purpose of this order was to ensure that the government was treating everyone equally and also this Order acted as a positive step in the right direction of strengthening and realizing equal opportunities for everyone. This is exactly what Affirmative Action programs are, they ensure that all employees are being treated with the same respect and they also ensure that all employees are receiving the same privileges that are associated with their employment. The Equal Protection Clause is very similar to the Affirmative Action programs in that it too protects citizens from discrimination based on things such as race, religion, and gender. This clause is also part of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and took effect in …show more content…
The first ever college application was created in 1919 and these applications were actually used as a discriminatory process since the schools weren’t that big so therefore this was a way that college administrators could quickly decide on which students to accept based on things such as race and religion. Today, many people still believe that process is still in effect today, they believe that some colleges pick certain students based solely off of race and that these could be some of the reasons why, take for example, a white person getting accepted into a university that makes B’s and C’s over a black person that makes all A’s. Do you see my point? This is why many people believe that race shouldn’t even be considered in the college application processes anymore. They feel that it shouldn’t matter what race you are and that your race shouldn’t determine whether or not you are

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