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In our world of schooling, students are expected to take standardized tests from elementary school all the way to high school, and then, later on in their college careers. In Pennsylvania, there are P.S.S.As, P.S.A.Ts, S.A.Ts, Keystones, and more. Students in Pennsylvania and all around the world are so wrapped up in worrying about these tests that they get themselves sick. Standardized tests are physically, and mentally, not good for students because of the amount of anxiety that is involved, the scores do not matter as much as we think, and the people making these tests are making them with too high of standards. Standardized tests may seem like a good idea, but in the end, they become problematic.
In thirteen (13) to eighteen (18) year
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Students work hard studying for their big tests and get worried over it, but the tests and their scores do not matter. In 2008, almost 60% of colleges said that the scores of standardized tests are “considerable importance” to a student’s acceptance. In fact, state test scores are placed as the third most important thing for college acceptance, going behind grades and curriculum. That being said, test scores are only one part in a person’s chance of college admission. It was said that “(tests)... are too simple and too biased to measure up to the subjective judgements of educators themselves. Such claims are naive or deliberately misleading” (standardized tests effectively measure student achievement). The scores of standardized tests also only show the strengths and weaknesses a person has in certain subjects, which is what all tests, not just standardized, show. Funny how we are told that state tests make our futures, when in the end they seem to not matter, is it …show more content…
The tests measure a students knowledge, skills, and understanding all at once. Standardized tests are fair to all students, because they are all asked the same questions, just in a different order. The tests are also comprehensive, since they cover a majority of the subject. Students answers also come back to the teachers fast, which is beneficial to both the student and teacher. With the results, teachers are able to target the areas of trouble in their classroom to help the students have a better understanding. Standardized tests are an easy and efficient way to improve a students progress.
While standardized tests can boost student achievement, they have many faults. Students all across the country struggle with the stress and anxiety of testing, when in the end the scores are not that important. Schooling and regular tests are already hard enough for students, making them take crazy amounts of state tests is insane. State regulated tests are not good for the students mental health, not very important in the end, and not testing students at the level they should be. Unlike the star-crossed-lovers Romeo and Juliet, standardized tests and students are not a match made in

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