Argument Against College Athletes

The authors Craig Thompson and Tom Burnett thesis stated “And that is where our critics have it wrong. College athletes are not employees. They are students. It’s that simple.”, this is their take on the subject of college athletes being paid. Although there are reasons why college athletes should be paid, the author creates strong argument by using ethos, logos, and Pathos to convey an effective argument against the paying of athletes.
Both authors Thompson and Burnett convey an argument against the paying of athletes because they are students first. They state that paying collegiate athletes makes college sports professional by definition. They also had questions about this scenario, like if they pay athletes does that soon lead to the formation of unions. This would make paying athletes not beneficial to neither the NCAA nor the athletes and in the end would be a detriment. In the article they also spoke about how the students that participate in a sport have many extra benefits such as scholarships, healthcare, and extra clothes such as a winter jacket. It also is just not
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Thompson stated that 98 percent of college football and basketball player end up going pro in something other than their sport. He also went on to say that the athletes that they see are very serious about their work in the classroom and the work they put into their respective sport(10). They also graduate without the mountain of student loans that a majority of students have to deal with. The cost of the extra benefits that student athletes receive add up to a large sum of money. These are things such as health care, clothing, physical therapy, daily treatment, and most athletes have advisors to help assist and keep them on track in school. All these benefits are things that normal students do not have access to unless they either pay for the service

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