Are We Informed Enough For Vote? Essay

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Are we Informed enough to vote?
Rogerian Argumentative Essay

Knowing that it is our right to vote is quite astonishing. People feel as if every one has a say in the governments success and accomplishments when they vote. Citizens should all feel a part of the country’s decisions and laws. The fact that as citizens, we get to have somewhat of a say in who our leader is really special. However, are we truly informed well enough in who the candidates are? Are citizens taking time out of their day to research, pay attention to political problems in America, and know what they want changed? According to Young Voters Being Educated Enough to Vote, it is seen that votes are primarily chosen because of the appeal of candidates commercial, sign, or slogan. Is the media just filling our heads, or are the opinions of others persuading us to believe the way they want us to? Sadly, this is true in a lot of cases. Are people truly getting the information needed in order to know what they believe is best for our country? Polls proved very few Americans know how the political system functions (Gentile). American citizens could be informed more on who the candidates are, and what they believe they could do to help this country. If the importance of paying attention in our economic growth and problems was preached at a young age, it could possibly be taken seriously as a right in this country. People consider it a right to vote, which is true, however, are we truly educated and informed…

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