Essay on Are Vaccines Suitable For All People?

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Are vaccines suitable for all people? In today’s society with the new technology in medicine, there has been lifesaving breakthroughs. Everything from eliminating diseases entirely to finding vaccines to cure fatal illnesses. Diseases today have a substantial impact on schools and a tremendous toll on families. Vaccines can help to prevent disease in schools, in families, and help the entire community. Vaccines should be required for all people in the United States.
One thing that vaccines can do is help us further understand how the body works alongside the vaccine, and to help us advance in medical science. When Edward Jenner discovered the smallpox vaccine, it saved close to nine million people worldwide every year. Another example is The HPV vaccine helps to prevent not only this disease but liver cancer as well. Therefore, this vaccine also has a toll on the number of people that acquire liver cancer. Some examples of diseases that have been completely eliminated because of vaccines are polio, which used to be a one of the Americas most common disease for children. Smallpox is another example in the 1970 's this disease used to be one of the number one killers in the country. Now with the smallpox vaccine, it is saving an estimated five million lives per year. The Whooping Cough disease is another example of a disease that is a possible candidate to be completely eradicated. The whooping cough disease kills about 990,000 people per year. Vaccines allow for new research…

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