Are There Limits You Can Talk About The Class? Essay

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Are there limits to what you can talk about in class? Like you might not talk about issues of sex or things like that.

Interviewee: No, no limits. Is there a limit? No, but obviously there is going to be a line between a student and teacher situation. As far as topics, we can address any topics. We have to be very careful, obviously, not to offend anyone. Really, it is up to the particular teacher and the dynamics they have in that class, what they can talk about. The teacher just has to be very careful on how they introduce things. We talk about all kind of topics. Nothing is off the table.

I try to stay away from accusatory things, but I am one of the teachers that is more open about things and I want to hear what the students have to say. Especially, with the issues that come up in social studies and I try to encourage everyone by saying; how do you feel about this and then we talk about it. They are free to say that they think this or that is wrong and we ask why. We can discuss any issue or hot button topics that we have talked about in government and in other classes.

I think those discussions are necessary, if you are really going to teach tolerance and understanding, you have to have them. We are a little more racially diverse here and that would help. I came from a very different situation. We do have a lot of exchange students, which has been awesome. In only my five years, I can say that I have taught kids from Turkey, Servia, Spain, Peru,…

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