Religious Tolerance In The American Colonies

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Ronald Regan once said, “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.” Religious tolerance has been an important aspect since the beginning of U.S History. Religious tolerance is what makes the United States successful concerning human rights. The importance of Rhode Island will be shown through three different resources: Colonial America, Give me Liberty, and The American Colonies. The colony of Rhode Island is important to U.S History since it was the first colony to introduce the concept of religious tolerance, which will be shown by the way they implemented religious toleration in its political, religious, and economic activity.
The establishment and the political aspect of Rhode Island play
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Many colonists believed in the concept of Puritan religion, but there were a few who thought differently. Rhode Island allowed religious tolerance, therefore allowing people to express their own ideas of religion. Rhode Island was the only province in New England not to have an established church. Therefore, creating a sense of separation of church and state. Rhode Island had no religious qualifications for voting, and no requirement that citizens attend church. Since Rhode Island did not have a central or official religion it allowed a variety of people from different backgrounds to flee and settle in Rhode Island. According to Richard Middleton and Anne Lombard’s book, Colonial America, Cotton Mather once stated, “Rhode Island had Antinomians, Familists, Anabaptists, Antisabbatarians, Arminians, Socinians, Quakers, Ranters- everything in the world but Roman Catholics.” The religious toleration of Rhode Island is what made it a very different colony than the other thirteen colonies. Religious toleration is part of a person’s basic rights, since it allows anyone to express their own believes. Rhode Island’s historic policy of religious tolerance will leave a strong mark in US History since it will initiate the idea of freedom of religion for the United …show more content…
New Port a city of Rhode Island was a big trading port to the West Indies. Additionally, the colonists also traded Rum with many Native Americans. New Port became a center of trade since it was located right near the Atlantic Ocean. Trading allowed Rhode Island colonists to import and export a variety of goods. Besides Rhode Island being a center of major trade it was also a community of subsistence farmers. Rhode Island had a strong economy through diary, and sheep farming. In 1690 Rhode Island fell into conflict with the English Authorities, by being accused of disregarding the Navigation Acts and harboring pirates. This conflict with English authorities caused an economic challenge towards Rhode Island. By the 18th century Newport was able to regrow economically and commercially. During the slave trade many active slave traders were from Newport, Rhode. Therefore another important aspect to Rhode Island’s economy was slave trade. The population that participated in the growth of Rhode Island’s economy was mainly people seeking religious tolerance. Rhode Island has always been important and significant to the United States history, since it strongly demonstrated the aspect of freedom of religion. Rhode Island’s religious tolerance allowed many people to settle in Rhode Island so they can practice their own religion believes. The idea of religious tolerance influenced Rhode Island’s political, religion,

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