Are States Worth Our Time? Essay

1465 Words Sep 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Are states worth our time? Could the United States function as efficiently if states were dissolved? Ultimately, states are necessary for our federal government to function. Since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, Founders believed in a division between governments to ensure no single entity would gain power. While a division between levels of government is needed to secure the rights of citizens, history has indicated a struggle for power between national and state institutions. The existence of competition for power significantly shifted interpretations of the constitution through policy changes, Supreme Court rulings, and the nature of specific presidencies. The ever-changing nature of the Constitution’s interpretation regarding non-centralized entities proves that states are needed as a foundation for government involvement among citizens, to facilitate the implementation of policies relevant to state issues, and promote a working relationship between citizens of the state and federal government. Perhaps the most important role of states is to serve as foundation upon which citizens may build and enhance their ideals of civic virtue. One of the main functions of state governments is to establish a sense of political efficacy and duty among its inhabitants. If states did not exist, citizens would not have the same sense of duty instilled within them, because federal governments are often perceived as impersonal entities. Similar to state governments, Alexis de…

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