Essay on Are Standardized Test Beneficial?

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Are Standardized Test Beneficial To Anyone?
Are students failing the test, or are the tests failing the students? In the year 1991 an average high school student took an averaged of anywhere from eighteen to twenty-one standardized test throughout the course of their academic career. I can only imagine that those numbers and the stakes associated with the test have increased since then. We rely on test to tell us so much information, but is that test doing students any good? Personally I don’t think they are benefiting anyone; however they are a good tool to determine how much information a student is retaining.
Before I dive into the argument of standardized test, here is a little history of how the test came about. Standardized tests have been around since World War I, but they weren’t intended to be used in the educational system. They were first used by the military to help the army identify which recruits would most likely succeed. It wasn’t until 1965 when President Lyndon B. Johnson issued his war on poverty that standardized test were to be given in schools. He issued the ESEA (elementary and secondary education act) in which large amounts of federal money was awarded to states to help support children’s learning. In addition to the ESEA, Senator Robert Kennedy required states that received federal funds had to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of their programs via standardized test. The government spent thousands of dollars to encourage the use of the…

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