Are Kids Playing The Sport? Essay

1743 Words Feb 26th, 2016 7 Pages
It’s a Saturday afternoon and all around America kids are running around baseball fields playing the sport they love. Although this baseball seems the same, kids are in entirely different worlds than each other. While some are playing, and might not even be keeping score, others are in life or death situations to the point that the parents are more concerned about winning than the kids playing the game. This can be the bad thing about this beautiful game, when parents push their young kids too hard. For example, Friday Night Tykes is a show on TV that demonstrates the ugly realities of travel sports. On this show these kids get pushed too hard at their young age burning them out and making them not want to play the sport, which is saddening. There also is another side of the story. There are kids that love the game they play so much they are willing to do anything to reach their goals. Unfortunately, most people have opinionated travel youth sports as too much on kids and how it can burn them out, but these people haven’t seen the success stories and the upside of putting kids in these travel sports. Kids are presented with unbelievable opportunities every day, it is their choice to capitalize on these opportunities or to disregard them. One young man by the name of Jarrod Petree has big goals and dreams for his life, and so do his parents. His goal is to play at the highest level of baseball possible, in the MLB. With this lofty goal, that only 750 people get to…

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