Are Irrational Fears Beneficial? Essay

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Are irrational fears beneficial? Could they shape the way we live our lives? There are many things to fear in life, which play an important role and could also change the way people approach things during life. I think one of my biggest fear in life is death. For example, a family member. I think losing a family member is one of the things that scares me the most because I can’t imagine life would be without them. For example not seen them again or spending time with them. I think the fearing death represents how important a person could be in your life and also the role that it could play to make you the person you are in life, for example taking advices from that person could make you choose different choices that could affect the rest of your life. We all have fears, fears could have a positive impact in our lives, it could help us overcome obstacles in life and achieve our goals, besides fears could help us re-established our emotions by expressing our feeling with others, but fears could also make people become mentally ill.
While reading the article “Why We Crave Horror Movies” by Stephen King, I found many connections and arguments that I can related to having a fear. In his article talks about the different ways society tend to hide their emotions which make people to become mentally ill. He also explains how society re-established their feelings of essential normality by doing things that brings them adrenaline, to prove themselves that they could do it and are not…

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