Are Human Rights Universal And Does It Matter? Essay

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“Are human rights universal and does it matter” “Are Human Rights universal and does it matter?” was explained and answered by Sir Stephen Sedley in the book “Ashes and Sparks”. Sir Stephen Sedley was born on 9th October 1939, now at the age of 74, his father; Bill Sedley (1910-1985), was one of the founders of the firm of lawyers Seifert and Sedley in 1940. Stephen, following in the footsteps of his father, graduated from Queens College Cambridge and then got called before the bar in 1964; he was appointed judge of the court of appeal of England and Wales during 1999-2011. He is now currently an honorary professor of law at Warwick University and the University of Wales and Cardiff, and a judicial visitor at University College, London. His particular expertise are in the development of administrative law and has chaired the judicial studies board’s working party on the human rights act of 1998 and has since 1999, been president of the British Institute of Human Rights.

In this chapter Stephen expresses his views in which he begins by explaining how human rights are always being contested and believes this is due to “short comings in an imperfect world”, yet he suggests it is an argument worth having and will help us try to change the world. He believes that unless human rights are available to everyone we cannot count them as human rights as the only aspect you have to fulfil to attain these rights is being born human but, as Stephen says we are around in a time where…

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