Are Gmos Safe? Harmful? Essay

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Are GMOs safe?
When it comes to the topic of the safety behind GMOs, many of us will readily agree that we are uneducated on the risks and benefits they present in our bodies and to the environment. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of the advantages genetically engineering seeds and crops can have during the growing process of the crops and for the environment as well. Whereas some are convinced that this let alone is enough to be pro GMOs, others maintain that GM crops and products should be closely analyzed and examined continuously over time to find accurate data on the long term effects they can have, not only on the environment but on our bodies overall health after years of consumption and exposure to these products. Although I agree that GMO’s have truly demonstrated their potential to positively impact the environment, I cannot accept the overall fact that they are completely risk free because of such limited testing done on them to provide enough evidence to truly confirm their safety.
GMO is commonly used to abbreviate genetically modified organism, though it may also be seen as GE, short for genetically enhanced or genetic enhancement, GM, GM food, GM crop, GM product, transgenic, genetic modification or genetically altered throughout books or articles on the subject (Estabrook). There are several different methods to implement genetic alterations on an organism, but the most common would be adding, subtracting, or mixing the genes…

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