Are Gamers And Non Gamers At Byu? Essay

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Qualitative Research Summary

Our primary research was conducted in a focus group of both gamers and non-gamers at BYU. Our purpose was to better understand students’ opinions on video games and whether or not they affect students’ grades. The feedback we received was that gaming can become a serious addiction and that those who suffer are in denial, not recognizing that they are plagued with such habits. In terms of what video games are most common on campus, the answer was games downloaded onto smartphones, used to distract or to relax students. Many students admitted that these games were pulling them away from school work and hindering their focus in class.

The secondary research came from Marisa Hivner from the school of communications at the University of Miami. Marisa interviewed Edmund Mandell, a senior at the university, who said, “I have a lot of friends who don’t go to Miami and it’s difficult to keep in touch with them...But if you’re enjoying yourself and you’re both playing a game together it’s almost like you’re with that person.” The person Edmund was referring to is his online friend, Kevin Woodford, who responded by saying, “By playing WoW [World of Warcraft] I’m able to fill my time and stay connected to the world, while meeting some amazing people.” For these students, gaming is a way to pass the time and connect with friends. There was not admittance of addiction in these interviews, but it was acknowledged that gaming addictions are possible and…

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