Are Food Marketers For Blame? Essay example

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Are Food Marketers to Blame?

In the modern world, the growing food market has posed many challenges to the American people, one being they have had an increase in obesity and other health problems. This has sparked a debate between the American public and the food marketers. The policymakers point their finger at the food marketers, calling their advertisement the source of America 's problems especially the massive expenditure towards children advertising. The other side defends themselves saying they have just responded to what the American people have asked for. This debate seemed to have continued on with both sides presenting several different arguments.

The first topic of the debate presents one of the most important topics,"Is advertising to children causing their obesity?". Food Marketers have spent a lot to advertise to children, around 10 million dollars, because of their influence in their parent 's buying decisions. The first side says this has lead to not only poor nutritional choices, but an uprise in children obesity especially in the ages 2-17 as these ages are targeted most by the Food Marketers. This age group is exposed to most by media and other forms of advertising through wireless devices or simply by television. A study done by HBO said that this age group is exposed to at least 12-21 food based commercials a day, 4,400-7,600 food based commercials a year. The first side blames this high level of advertisement on affecting the poor food choices of…

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