Are Cows The Earth 's Number One Enemy? Essay

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Are Cows the Earth 's Number One Enemy?
Who would think that a new type of grass that is used to cut down on cow burps would be something that could save the world? Well, that is exactly what scientists in Denmark thought. They have developed a new type of Grass that is easier for cows to digest and requires less energy to do so. This created is through a process called genomic selection, the scientists used the grass 's DNA to determine if this will help the cow digestive system. The Denmark government and the company producing this grass, DLF, is hoping that this will reduce Denmark 's methane emission to only 10%. Right now agriculture accounts for 40% of Denmark 's greenhouse gas emissions. This new type of grass will not only reduce methane emissions it will also allow the cows to produce more milk. The current grass the cows are eating now requires a lot of energy for them to digest it because it is so stiff, this is what causes the huge amount of methane that they release, but this new grass allows the cows to digest it easier, and thus reduces methane emissions. Now that the cows are using less energy to digest the grass they now can use that energy to produce more milk and have more offsprings. This new "super" grass is predicted to be reading in seven to eight years, and Denmark 's government is excited to start cutting down on their greenhouse gas emissions.
Not many people realize that agriculture has such a huge impact on the environment. Cows are a major…

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