Archer Mayor Case

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Archer Mayor is a firefighter/EMT, constable, publications consultant, history researcher, newspaper writer, medical illustrator, political advance man, lab technician, travel writer, feature writer, scholarly editor, historian, teacher, and photographer turned critically acclaimed author. In addition to the many professions he has held over the years, he has lived on two continents and several countries and speaks Spanish and English. Given his many occupations and wanderlust he is best described as unemployable though he loves to describe himself as a novelist.

Archer Mayor is best known for writing the Joe Gunther novels which he has been actively publishing since 1988. The debut novel was Open Season which was so popular that it has been
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The following three are some of the most highly regarded:

Trace” The VBI (Vermont Bureau of Investigations) finds itself in a difficult situation as it has to take care of three cases concurrently. Meanwhile Joe Gunther the head of the Bureau needs to be excused to take care of his sick and elderly mother. The three cases now fall to three junior but highly competent officers. The murder case is assigned to Sammie Martens who has shown a knack for solving such complex cases. The victim is daughter to the popular Beverly Hillstrom’s Medical Examiner, a young woman in her early twenties. He is coming in from New York but knows that his first order is to find out the motive for the killing of the young woman that seemingly would not hurt a fly. Lester Spinney is saddled with a double murder cold case. A motorist and state trooper had been killed in a roadside incident where it is alleged gunfire had been exchanged. Lester now believes that the fingerprints of the motorist on the gun had been planted leaving the question of who was responsible for killing the trooper and the motorist. Willy Kunkle takes charge of the case where a child found three teeth on the nearby railroad that resulted in an investigation into possible sabotage. The cases lead the VBI team across the state of Vermont and into neighboring states as they engage in thrilling adventure
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Joe Gunther is relaxing in his backyard when his neighbor, a small girl brings to him a bird’s nest – half made of human hair. Trying to find just who the hair could belong to, Gunther stumbles into the story of sudden disappearance, a grisly murder, and a mysterious death. All of the cases seem to have some connection to industrial espionage, blackmail, and municipal corruption. He knows that The Ragman an aptly named World War II veteran may unravel the whole puzzle but he needs to get to him before the deranged killer makes his next

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