Araby And The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

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“Araby” and “the Rocking Horse Winner” are modernist short stories. “Araby” is a story that uses the first person narrator, written by James Joyce. It was published in 1914. The story is about a young boy’s first love in Ireland. The teenage love between a young boy who lives amongst blindness and darkness all along and a young girl, Mangan 's sister, is his neighbor. These surrounding give the boy rise to attempting for reaching love; It represents light in this position. However, it ends by hopeless; He realizes that his goal for her which is his feel of love, is just an enchantment, and it is a futile wish. So, he does not achieve his goal because he has a moment of epiphany. “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is a story by D. H. Lawrence, written in the third person point of view. It was published in 1926. The story is about a boy, whose name is Paul, struggles to gain love from his mother. The mother who is never satisfied; She relies on the luck, and she only loves money. It makes Paul seeks love from his mother. Paul tries to reach his mother’s love, and he does not achieve it until he falls ill and dies. His goal at the end cannot be accomplished. “Araby” and “The Rocking Horse Winner,” both stories have the main idea of gender roles. Women roles are shown in both stories, and they make love happens. In both stories, the women roles encourage the main characters, who are the boys, to go on their epic journeys of finding love. However, both journeys turn out to be failures.…

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