Apush Chapter Summaries

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John Smith- He is the English explorer who settled Jamestown and served as its leader. John Newton- He is a slave trader who justified European subjugation and enslavement by revealing the African enslaved each other. John Barbot- He was a Frenchman sent to the Gold Coast to inspect the condition of the “freshly” captured Africans in the cages. Father Sandoval- He was a Catholic Priest in the Americas who questioned the righteousness of slavery by asking church leaders in Europe regarding this issue. The Europeans responded to him stating there was nothing wrong with enslavement. 2. Arrival of Slaves in the English Colonies- In 1619, a Dutch Ship was recorded to have brought the first 20 slaves to English North America. This event would spark the future tradition of employing slave labor for agricultural purposes “Starving Time”- This was the winter of 1609-1610 that killed almost all of the original Jamestown settlers. This time reduced …show more content…
One piece of information that would modify a persistent argument throughout this chapter would be the fact that many African people were heavily involved with the capturing and enslavement of slaves in the Ivory and Gold Coasts. Throughout this chapter, Howard Zinn, seems to single out the Europeans as brutal, cruel, greedy, and power hungry. He shows how the Europeans simply wanted people to work their farms, but ended up treated humans as products in order to extract the most amount of profit possible. However, he fails to mention Europeans were not the only people who had this form of greed. The Europeans were aided by many local Africans, who captured and brought them future slaves. These Africans had caught the same “fever” the Europeans had in regards to making money off people. Howard Zinn fails to inform the reader the Europeans weren’t the worst people in the world, as many others, Africans, also took part in the capturing and enslavement of human

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