Essay about Approaches to Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategy is a plan that is intended to achieve a particular purpose or objective, or pattern of consistent behavior over time. On the organizational level we can refer to a strategy as a fundamental way in which the organization does things.
Strategic human resource management is therefore the approaches to making decisions on the intentions and plans of the organization through policies, plans and practices. These concern employee relations, employee resourcing, growth, development, performance management and reward.
However it is important to note that for a human resource strategy to work it must be aligned to the business strategy and the organizational culture which is therefore
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An example of a local organization that has instituted this is Equity Bank Ltd

The teary has been faulted for assuming that what works well in one organization will work well in another. There is the argument that the strategies in each organization should be tailored to fit the culture, management style, and technology and working practices. Thus Contingency or Best Fit Approach.

Best Fit Approach
This is also known as

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