Applying The Writing Style Expected Of From Your Standard University

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David Bartholomae sought to explain the difficulties students had in adjusting to the writing style expected of them in your standard university. This urge led him to write an essay which he named “Inventing the University” In this radical essay he explains in great detail why students seem to have such difficulty in writing university discourse and some practices we could put into the current public school systems that would help alleviate some of the difficulty most college freshmen face. In this essay I will be covering some of the major points he hits upon throughout his essay. Bartholomae starts by explaining the experience of a freshmen first entering college. He says the freshmen must “learn to speak [University] language” (273). The main reason freshmen seem so lost and terrified when they get into a university is because they are. Their whole life they have been told how incredibly difficult college is and now they’re finally here debt from student loans looming just four short years away, this is adulthood. The student must quickly “appropriate a specialized discourse” (273) one that is suitable for their individual audience. The style of writing they are expected to do in college is nothing like they have had to do in their past years of schooling. Most freshmen in college are what Bartholomae calls a “basic writer” (278). Bartholomae used a example essay which he called the “Clay Model” essay (281) to show what he considered basic writing.
When a student…

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