Applying For The Humanities And Social Sciences Position At Dalyellup College

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I am interested in applying for the Humanities and Social Sciences position at Dalyellup College. I was particularly inspired to apply for this position because of your schools focus on collaboration and partnerships. As I strongly believe that it is through team work and collaboration that teachers continue to grow and develop. That every teacher has their own style, areas of strengthens and weakness so it is only working together that we can strive to become outstanding teachers who have the necessary skills to assist all our students reach their potential. This is why finding a role within a school that has a focus on collaboration was a priority for me when seeking a position for 2017, so that I can share and learn from other teachers in order to keep developing as a teacher. As is it only through being dynamic and innovative that we can continue to engage with our students in our ever changing world and help them achieve success.

At present I am teaching Year 7 and 8 English/Humanities as well as Year 8, 9 Health at Jurien Bay District High School. In my current role I am the Year 7 form teacher and as a result of this I have been primarily responsible for helping the cohort make the transition from the primary school to high school environment. Last year, I was teaching Year 9 Humanities and Social Sciences, and Year 11 ATAR Modern History at SIDE (Schools of Isolated and Distance Education). In addition to teaching these classes I was also working in collaboration…

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