Applying Checks And Balances Of The Government Essay

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“Each branch of government has a check upon the other, and the two must balance one

another to consummate the action. Even if each branch eyed the other skeptically, they were

motivated to cooperate.” (Fox and Pope, p.94) The ability to check and balance is necessary in

the government and in economics. Citizens of nations ruled by kings only serve the purpose of

promoting the wealth of the king. Economies dominated by companies with monopolies don’t

flourish, due to the lack of competition. However, when economies and governments are

designed to run according to natural processes with checks and balances, the bounties are far

greater. The idea of checks and balances applies to Adam Smith’s market economy in relation to,

the division of labor and the promotion of self-interest.

The division of labor brought greater efficiency into the economy, and it does the same

for the government. For example, instead of one farmer milking the cows, growing the corn, and

raising the chickens, farmers started specializing in each of these fields of labor. Not only is this

more productive, but the quality of the product is higher as well. The milk is more abundant, the

eggs richer and bigger, and the corn more dense, in addition to the greater amount produced.

This natural process applies positively to our government as well. King James, in “The Trew

Laws of Free Monarchies” states, “…it is certain that a King can never be so monstrously

vicious, but he will…

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