Application Of The Instructional Coaching Model Essay

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Chapter 1- Introduction (Background of the Problem)
As I am sitting with a mathematics instructional specialist in urban K-8 school in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The instructional specialistshe is describingexplaining the work she has been doing with two third grade teachers focused on improving mathematics instruction. The instructional specialist explains that teachers she is working with are vastly different. The teachers have differing opinions about the efficacy of the instructional coaching model. As a result, the willingness to accept feedback from the instructional specialist varies and also have a distinctive acceptance of the coaching model.. TAs described by the mathematics instructional specialist describes, Teacher A as open tooften discussiones about the challenges of teaching mathematics;, however, Teacher A avoids assistance from the instructional specialist. Teacher A will often quickly abandon suggestions from the instructional specialist during a lesson stating how it couldn’t possibly work. Teacher B eagerly works with the mathematics instructional specialist. Together, they, createing lessons, share taking suggestions, and collaborateasking for a demonstration to better understand instructional the strategies being described. Teacher B often alters her teaching basedfrom on her reflection of the experience working with the mathematics instructional specialist. This vignette above presents an recollection was all- too- frequent description…

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