Instructional Focus: Case Study

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Part lll: Instructional Focus Olivewood Elementary has many classroom instructional programs in place to help better meet the needs of our students. All K-6 teachers deliver a strong academic program based on the Common Core State Standards. The school also provides additional resources in language arts through a reading specialist funded by Title 1, as well as two Reading Intervention teachers supporting at risk students in grades 1-6. Our three special education teachers deliver a differentiated program to their students each based on the child’s IEP. In addition to the above programs, Olivewood has Designated ELD time in all grades. Students are leveled according to their latest CELDT scores and provided targeted instruction in oral language …show more content…
All textbooks are aligned to the standards from the most recent adoption and 100% of students have a book for class that may also be taken home if needed. As of 2011, Olivewood’s overall facility rating was exemplary. All subgroups on the facilities report received a rating of good. All students, regardless of ability to pay, have the right to participate in any educational activity. All requests for money to help fund field trips or other resources for school are clearly stated as voluntary donations. Families unable or unwilling to pay for a school sanctioned activity or resource have their fees covered by either the school’s resources, or our business partners such as Kiwanis Club. Each classroom has posted signs regarding student and parents’ rights to file complaints about inadequate supplies, problems with school facilities next to the door, or UCP …show more content…
Where Olivewood needs to improve however, is in their institutional vulnerability. This is below average and I believe is the missing link to stronger academic achievement by its students. Although the most current SARC report states that Olivewood enjoys a “rich history of involvement by parents and members of the local community” this isn’t currently the case. Our PTA is non-existent, we have extremely low number of parent volunteers, and the teachers must manage all school fundraisers. This means that teachers are responsible for collecting the money, passing out the materials, bookkeeping, and more. Adding this to the teacher’s workload creates a burden for both the teacher and school because it cuts into instructional time. Although our parents want their children to receive a quality education, they are hesitant to become involved in their child’s classroom. Many teachers believe this to be the result of poor language skills, limited education, and a feeling of inferiority. Parents will congregate on the school’s playground before and after school to speak to one another in Spanish but there are minimal attempts to reach out to the teachers or become involved in the actual school

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