Essay about Application Of The Application Service

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Then the Application Service needs to be determined for exampling what type of MEAP application is being used. This could be for example financial, managerial, customer, etc… type of applications. Each one of these applications handles certain type of business processes in order to complete the request. After the Application Service is selected, it passes the information to the Domain Server. Basically it determines what data entities stores the needed information within the system. As well as the workflows and business rules that are needed to be completed to process request. Then finally the client request is send through the Data Access Service to make sure that this data is able to be accessed and provided to requestor. Once this is confirmed the message uses the same protocol established for the Data Source (SOAP, JSON, SQL, etc…) to collect the data to fill the request. Then it is sent back through MEAP, and to the mobile client.
Application Programming Interface (API) Management architectural approach is a suite of applications that help organizations develop, implement, and manage their own type of mobile enterprise integration. Application Programming interface acts as the messenger that takes the client request, and send backs a response. This process is similar to a waiter at a restaurant taking your order, then returning your meal from the kitchen. The kitchen acts as the databases transporting the information to complete the response of the request. A mobile…

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