Application Of Strategic Analytics And Human Resources Essay

844 Words Mar 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Application of strategic analytics in Human Resources has been a slow journey. Within the past five years, advances in predictive analytics in other industries have pushed the conversation to the top of the agenda. Human Resources has been dogged by misconceptions that portray this role as subjective, clerical, and unimportant, and thus, unable to benefit from strategic analytics and unable to add value to companies. This research paper dives into the story of these perceptions, the hard-fought battle to change opinions, impressive examples of strategic analytics currently being applied, and the obstacles to widespread adoption. It ends with a preview of remarkable and futuristic companies using strategic analytics to improve both the company and its employees.
No business can meet its strategic plan without the right people in the right roles at the right time. This is true regardless of industry, economic conditions, regulatory environment, ownership structure, or company size (Ulrich, Schiemann, & Sartain, The rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 thought leaders, 2015). Labor costs represent up to 70% of total operating costs- making this one of the largest line item expenses for companies (Human Capital Management Institute) (Beatty, 2015). Given this, Human Resources Departments (HR) are essential to organizational performance.
Within organizations, however, many consider HR as one of the least valued functional roles (Caudron, 2004) (Falletta, 2008). Even in 2015,…

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