Application Of An Adjunct Professor Of Information Sciences And Learning Technologies

1067 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
Dear Dr. Adkins and Members of the Search Committee,

I am writing in application to the advertised position of Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Learning Technologies. I have completed my Doctor of Communications Design (DCD) degree at the University of Baltimore in 2009 with a GPA of 3.87. I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri where I conduct research on user experience, usability, learning technologies. I am extremely interested in obtaining the Assistant Professor position where I can contribute to SISLT’s focus on data management, information organization, and designing distance learning systems.

My academic teaching experience enables me to effectively teach both quantitative and qualitative methods at MU’s iSchool. As an Adjunct Professor at several prestigious Turkish universities and as an instructor at NATO Center of Excellence, I taught various courses including Research Methods in Usability, Visual Communication and Interactive Design, Information and Communication Ethics and e-Government. I have utilized various course formats including in class, online and blended environments for graduate, undergraduate, and adult teaching in certificate programs.

Additionally, I assisted to Dr. William Kittredge as teaching assistant to create and maintain online asynchronous course in public administration during my doctoral study. I also created an online…

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