Essay on Application For Your Best Team Experience

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1. Application to your best team experience.

The best team experience was when I was in the accounting department. Our group’s main goals were to post month-end journal entries and prepare monthly account analysis. Our manager let us know what were our goals and what did we need to accomplish during the forming stage. We did not have any major conflict and disagreements at the storming stage. For the norming stage, each team member knew how to behave toward one another in order to achieve the goals. Since we had good forming, storming and norming stages, we were able to accomplish our goals (Tuckman, 2012).
We were able to accomplish our goals since we were able to keep the “V” formation and were able to take turn to lead just like the geese. Our manager created a sense of family and team spirit. He also appreciates each of the team member’s contributions. When one senior had a family emergency, his workload was quickly divided up among other seniors and staff so that we can stay in the “V” formation. The seniors and staff also took turn in leading the account analysis meeting.
Besides being like the geese, our team was successful due to the manager’s ability to manage our team’s boundary by investing time and energy in building relationships with those whom the team is dependent and providing training to our team for uploading journal entries (Hill, 1995, p. 4). Our managers had meetings with the A/P, A/R and tax managers regarding the deadlines of getting…

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