Application Assignment: Gestalt Therapy Essay

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Week 2 Application Assignment: Gestalt Therapy

7.1 Defining the Core Constructs of Gestalt Therapy.

When Helen reclaims her seat as Helen in the experiment, the therapist asks her to respond to her mother. What evidence do you see that would indicate that Helen has polarized thinking around her mother's expectations of her?
Helen feel anger, pain, fear, or hurt but never show it, she internalize her pain and kept it inside. The therapist asks her to respond to her mother Sara, the anger she feels for her mom. Helen respond to her mother by saying to her mother that she can’t stop being there for her Helen feels disconnected from her mother. When she goes back to her seat she tells her mother she wanted her to feel please about
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Helen’s past is blocking her from feeling happy. Helen needs to clear her past so she can be happy in her life with her husband. I think maybe she is having problems with her husband because of the relationship she had with her father.

What evidence is there in this clip that demonstrates that Helen is experiencing polarization? What is Helen's "top dog" saying?
I believe Helen demonstrates polarization when she says she need to stop more unless feeling bad for help self and the therapist is trying to more unless manipulate Helen or make her into a therapeutic goal. I think Helen is experiencing polarization when the doctor tells her to be made at her internal mother instead of her present mother. I think Helen experience polarization when she says she figures out she needs to stop making she unhappy and that she is killing herself making she unhappy. Helen has put in her head that it was her husband, he is the blame for how she feels and I feel she is trying to do the same thing with her husband blaming him for her unhappiness.
How do you see Helen avoiding taking responsibility for her own well-being? Whose beliefs and values has she internalized?
Helen is avoiding taking responsibility for her own well being by placing blame on her mother. Helen feel she has been blaming her husband for being the mess up one when really she was the one with the problems. I believe Helen tried to blame

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