Application And Creative Activities At Skillquest Services Essay

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SkillQuest Services provides a wide variety of interesting and challenging activities all day for our participants. It is our mission to create and develop a variety of interesting and creative activities to meet socialization and therapeutic recreational needs of all our participants at every level. Technology is personalized learning also narrows the digital divide between students and promotes responsible use of today’s ever changing technologies.

I. Acceptable use of iPads
1.0 Purpose:
Providing participants at SkillQuest Services (SQS) with access to an iPad provides an opportunity to enhance each participant’s overall experience.

2.0 General Use:
The iPad screen is made of glass and therefore is subject to cracking and breaking if misused. Never drop or place heavy objects (books, laptops, etc.) on top of the iPad.
Only a soft cloth or approved laptop screen cleaning solution is to be used to clean the iPad screen.
The iPad should not be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperature conditions, food or liquids.

2.1 Checkout:
1. iPads can be checked out daily from the Learning Lab.
2. Computer Lab materials that are checked-out on a daily basis must be returned at the end of the respective day.
2.2 Staff Responsibility: SQS staff are responsible for keeping track of all computer lab equipment and software assigned to their activity room, as well as for computer lab equipment that is checked-out daily.
2.3 Participant Use:
1. 3 B 's: Blink, Breathe,…

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