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Apple INC.

Table of Contents
Company background
Recent Annual Report
Analysis for Financial position
Mission Statement
Corporate Culture
Industrial Organizational Model of Above-Average Returns
Resource- Based Model of Above-Average Returns
Five Forces of Competition Model
Competitor Analysis
Core Competencies
Competitive Advantages
SWOT Analysis
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Strategic Leadership Corporate Governance
Analysis of company overall performance
Suggestions for future course of action
Expected results of suggestions
Bibliography/ List of Sources

Company Background

Recent Annual Report

Analysis for financial
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By establishing sole Apple selling product stores all over the globe, the sellers are well equipped with the knowledge they require to sell the product. The consumers can personally check out all the features in this store and have a real life experience of using the Mac.
Maintaining Secrecy: The employees at Apple truly believe in creating a call of curiosity in the markets. All the details of their products are highly protected and in no way can be leaked out to the people. This is another major reason why Apple has been successful in beating its competitors and enjoying a larger market share.

Competitive Advantages
Apple is set apart from its competition by its combination of hardware and software, by the content gate keeper strategy personified in iTunes, and by their successful retail strategy. I found many other reasons of the success of Apple in the company’s history but I will mention the most dominant ones.
Apple’s Hardware and Software: Apple is more of a software company than a hardware company. We all know that Apple makes extremely good hardware as well , but that is simply because they believe they are the only ones who can make hardware worthy to run their software. One of their software is iLife, which is a suite of software application for Mac for organizing, editing, and publishing photos, movies, and music.

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