Apple 's Supplier Responsibility : The Principles Of Accountability And Improvement

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Apple’s supplier responsibility is based on the principles of accountability and improvement for the company and its suppliers, which are core business and operational objectives. The principles of accountability and improvement underlying the company’s supplier responsibility are major objectives because of the need to ensure safe and ethical working conditions as well as compliance with various regulations in the global business environment. This is primarily because the company increasingly focuses on ensuring its employees are treated with respect and dignity. Moreover, Apple’s supplier responsibility is geared towards ensuring its own suppliers are socially responsible through demonstrating respect of their workers, stakeholders, and the community they serve. There are several aspects in Apple’s supplier responsibility including empower employees through education, requiring suppliers to constantly treat workers fairly and ethically, ensuring safety and health of workers across all operations, and ensuring the firm’s products and processes are within the highest environmental standards. In order to promote accountability and improvement of suppliers operations and practices, Apple Inc. publishes its guidelines and suppliers for the entire world to see. Therefore, since the beginning of its supplier responsibility initiatives, Apple Inc has increasingly focused on being transparent throughout its processes and practices.
In order to promote supplier responsibility,…

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