Apple 's Strategy For Personal Computers Essay

864 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Perhaps the main strategic element related to Apple’s personal computers is the company’s emphasis on the word “computer”, as the company seems to be firmly set on not following its competitors into the “hybrid”-market, where tablets and personal computers become one. Instead, Apple has kept its trust in its signature operating system, powerful hardware, and elegant designs to remain competitive. In addition, throughout the years Apple have worked on creating a version of the Mac that can satisfy any consumer’s needs or desires, from the desktops Mac Pro (for professional and business users) and iMac (for everyday consumers and educational purposes), to the Macbook Pro, the Macbook, and the Macbook Air – Apple’s laptop models. Apple suffered a slight loss in their market share in the most recent quarter, but has before then remained fairly consistent in a declining market., suggesting that Apple’s strategy for personal computers have been somewhat successful. Additionally, it has been suggested that the loss in market share was due to “Apple not having significantly refreshed its MacBook lineup for a while, giving more of a competitive edge to its rivals”, and it is issue that is likely to be resolved with Apple’s recent launch of a reinvented MacBook Pro.

Since the release of the iPhone – and the growing market of music streaming – the once solid cornerstone of Apple, its personal media player, the iPad, is now bordering on being completely obsolete. Nevertheless, Apple…

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