Apple's Competitive Advantages Essay

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Apple is the first U.S company to be worth upwards of 700 billion dollars. They have been around for more than 10 years and still continue to be a profitable company. Apple sells nothing but premium high-end merchandise. They hold a great reputation with iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBook’s, watches, etc. They are a competitive company in every category. They have great customer service with specialist ready to help you with any issue. Historically, Apples Competitive advantages are that they have a protected Operating system. They have their operating system locked to where no one else can produce a phone and have that operating system. With Apple having a locked system it makes it more stable …show more content…
In other words, Apple has unique control over their software in which Google phones is an unlocked/all free system. Google android does not have standards on who is able to use their operating system. Google Android has multiple manufacturers that produce devices with their operating system. Which makes it hard for App developers to test it over a wide range of devices to make it stable. One thing that makes the Google Android less desirable and Apple products more desirable is because any low-end company can run the Google Android operating system, which makes Apples more appealing. You’re paying for an operating system that is only on premium devices. Another Competitive advantage Apple has is that they have built a STRONG customer foundation. Apple customers are aware of Apples huge mark up. According to Exhibit 5, Apples mark up on PCs is approximately 39%. That alone shows how loyal Apples customers are. Especially considering customers can get a phone or Pc with similar specs for a much cheaper price. Apple is known for its reliability and quality Reason being, they are able to sell their Electronics for an inflated price. Apple has it set to where you are only able to get the full exposure to their operating system

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