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In the following assignment, we will study about Apple Inc. which is the world’s topmost multinational company founded 40 years ago in Cupertino, California. This American multinational company is famous for its gadgets and technology worldwide. Almost half of the world is using gadgets made by Apple which includes iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, apple watch etc. Apple is the most fascinating brand for youth as well as adults. Further in the assignment, we will discuss about Apple’s history, background, organizational behavior, major problems that are faced by the company, how it is related with OB issues and most important, how these problems can be solved.
About Company- Apple
Apple is a multinational software company that arguably
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The company’s first sold products was Apple I personal kit. The kit was designed by Steve Wozniak. It was a hand built kit. In less than a year, Ronald Wayne sold his share. The company however, grew very fast. It’s revenue doubled every four month for the first five years. The Apple II launched next year was also designed by Wozniak. This was a groundbreaking machine as it challenged the big rivals like Commodore PET. It was chosen to be first desktop used for the Killer App. Visicalc, a spreadsheet program that was the “Killer App’’, it gave Apple a new market like never before. The arrival of Graphical User Interface known as GUI took Apple to even bigger heights. Although, Lisa was the first company to launch a computer based on GUI but it was a commercial failure due to the high prices. This gave Apple a chance to take over the computer world by storm.(Mirabal., …show more content…
Jobs tried to oust him but he failed resulting in his departure from the company. He formed a new company NextInc. the same year. After Jobs’ departure the strategy of Macintosh was changed steadily. The focus was shifted to price now while Jobs had the argument that company should targets its product for the consumer market. The prices were hiked now. This policy backfired as the market was full of cheaper products with same technology now.
1989 was the first time when Apple saw a decline in its sales. This forced a change in strategy again and new cheaper products were introduced. These lower cost models were Macintosh Classic, Macintosh LC and Macintosh Ilsi. In 1991 Apple introduced Powerbook and system 7. This was an upgrade from the past system. With the launch of many new products, Apple again picked up its market and sales were increased. The success phase did not last long as because of the arrival of cheaper products. Company’s own expensive products’ sale went even

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