Apple Case Study

External and Internal Issues In Light of Apple’s Most Recent Move
There is current news about Apple’s investment in Did Chuxing Technology Co., major ride-sharing service in China (Wakabayashi, 2016). The recent strategic plan of action for Apple Company is based on multiple difficulties the company has in China. From one point, the multiple new business opportunities Apple started perusing poses a variety of different threats to other connected industries: gadgets, automotive, and computer technologies. After some deeper research, it is clear that Apple losing its ground as a most popular company in China lately. Apple products were a status objects in the Chinese community. Currently, the local Asian phones and tablets started prevailing
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The management team does not reveal the ideas for a Blue Ocean strategy. I believe that Apple news does not change BMW grand plan. It is just another small bell for internal teams to see where the wind is blowing. Nevertheless, the popularity of services like Uber and Lyft are increasing. BMW need to start locking the positions on potential investments, building solid relationships with critical component suppliers, and implement the public transportation Blue Ocean strategy quicker. For example, there are only a certain number of subway trains or trams, the city needs to purchase in a decade. Apple, Tesla and Google keep investing in public transportation business plans. (Wakabayashi and MacMillan, 2016). I think that BMW has issue maintaining luxury image with simplicity of public transportation lack of comforts. BMW could create a separate class of luxury trams or spacious cars. People looking for the convenience would appreciate the additional option of luxury cabs or trolleys. This type of deal would look good for the clients who are rich and do not want to mix with the crowds and keep their special standards. In addition, the grand autobus is able to create comfort more regulars all at once, meaning bigger groups would be able to ride together, rather than taking several cars. This service could be presented as a joint venture or outsourced to a company like Uber or Lyft. The situation depends on …show more content…
The dual-core approach emphases the changes in the management, in order to create the competitive advantage. The mechanistic organizations, popular in the automotive industry, definitely need to move on to the new modernized management style (Hitt, 2016). The new BMW strategy and goals will turn the management to mode successful Blue Ocean strategy due to the better understanding of the situation in place. The best strategy for the company is to keep producing product and add a new service. The board of directors needs to appraise the global areas where this service is necessary, review the finances, and create a new department to control several advancing projects. New BMW goals should rely on the success of this marketing idea. The deliberate, clear goal determination for each department will allow the employees and stakeholders to understand the company’s future better. The innovative targets indicate the BMW culture and pull in people with initiative. BMW should use the balanced scorecard for professional implementation of the original master-plan, control the changes, and adjust the variables according to the market fluctuation and overall goals of the fresh Blue Ocean

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