Essay about Apple : An Apple Of Your Dream

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Apple: To see an apple in your dream symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and great prosperity. You mentioned how you liked school, and this is not a quality all people share. Perhaps knowledge is a large part of your life, and from this we can predict that you will have a good time and school. You will grow wise, and you will share your knowledge with the world. If you work towards it, a world of prosperity is within reach. Take advantage of opportunities you are given and see where they lead you! Apples can also signify a need to go to the doctor. You brought up suspicion of a few diagnoses that you’ve self-diagnosed. Your dream is telling you that you should get them checked out and verified so you can make the necessary precautions. Health is not a joke, and even if you are 100% sure, it may be something else. No harm done in going to the doctors, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn more about your health.
Blindness: Consider the phrase “turning a blind eye”. You described a sensation of not being able to open your eyes, similar to becoming blind. You said this is a recurring thing in your dreams that often leaves you feeling “weird” when you wake up. Throughout many of your dreams you have been stuck with your eyes half open, struggling to see the whole world. This is by far the most significant sign from your dreams, as it is very serious. You are rejecting the thought of something about your situation or yourself. You cannot live in denial from anything, you must face it, or at…

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