Apple : A Sinking Apple Essay

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A Sinking Apple When you think of Apple, what are the first things things that come to everybody 's mind? Effortlessly, Apple enthusiasts would say; innovation, creativity, cutting edge technology, and Steve Jobs. When Steve returned to his rightful place in 1997 as interim CEO and in 2000 as CEO, he had to turn his beloved company back to its’ fundamental roots. He believed the success of the company depended on bringing the design of the products and the technology of the products to work in tandem. Jobs also pushed for the integration of the software and hardware to work just as closely together. The biggest thing he believed was the that the success of the products and the company depended on creativity, simplicity, and perfection. All of those beliefs became standards in the world of technology. As a result of the changes Apple started pumping out the best products to date. Sadly the creative, perfectionist, genius, Steve Jobs, passed away in 2011. In the years since his death the company has eerily started to slip back into the same company Steve came back to in 1997. Apple is just updating the products that Steve commissioned and are taking far too long to release new products. That is the exact same problems that occurred when Steve was ousted from Apple before, so it’s no surprise that Apple is losing its touch with its’ roots once again. The death of Steve Jobs caused Apple to lose all of it’s creativity in a blink of an eye. When Mr. Jobs ruled Apple the…

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