Torsion Spring Research Paper

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Good appetizers are the way to your guests’ heart
Description - Appetizers have been a part of our culinary history since forever. These little treats are very tasty and form the heart and soul of any party.

Appetizer 101

Appetizers are delectable typically served in small portions to kick start the hunger into action. Every meal that has been divided into a number of courses has appetizers served at the very first of the order often with a welcome drink. Different cuisines have different appetizers and a good appetizer can indeed make a party hit. An appetizer must have the following characteristics in order to be classified as a good one,

• It must not be a giveaway in terms of flavor or constituents but must come across as a tease
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They are easy to install, easy to assemble and make lifting super heavy garage doors an easy job.

Extension springs vs. torsion springs - While buying extension springs the buyer might come across the term torsion spring. The main difference between torsion spring and extension springs are as follows,
Extension - Extension springs extend completely when trying to open the garage door while torsion springs as the name suggests simply turn to achieve the same task. Since extension springs extend completely they lose their elasticity very fast while torsion springs do not.

Speed - Torsion springs can be controlled during their motion thus allowing for a regulated and smooth movement of springs in contrast to the jerking motion of the extension springs.

Cost - Although torsion springs cost more they last longer than extension springs.

Despite of the above points extension springs are still preferred over torsion ones because of their easy installation and low cost.

How to choose the perfect extension spring for your garage
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As the name suggests these are springs required for opening and closing of garage doors. They are made of steel and can support a wide variety of door weight and heights. However the weight and height supported by a specific extension spring is fixed and may be different from others.

Extension springs decoded

Extension springs are color coded and come in a variety of shades like white, yellow, dark tan and many more. These colors stand for specific door weights that each spring can lift. Usually the shops that sell them and a number of online websites provide a catalogue of the colors and the respective weights.

The steel that is used to make the springs is durable and has a lot of elasticity. However some people claim that the steel that comes from China is comparatively inferior in durability and hence prefer steel from U.S.

Selecting the perfect spring for your door

The first step in choosing the perfect garage door extension spring begins with knowing the weight of your garage door. Do not think this is a tough job, the weight can be measured by a weighing machine and an analog scale, there are also a number of videos by DDM Garage Doors guiding you how to do

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